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Since I’m on break from school and working very little, I’ve spent more and more time lolling around the house in my loungewear– because I can.  Also, since the holidays only recently ended,  my pants have all been feeling a bit snug, and the loungewear doesn’t cut into my fat bits the way jeans do– much more pleasant.

My loungewear of choice is the tracksuit.hoodie Yes, it makes me look like a stereotypical Italian gangster, but it is comfortable, has a jacket portion that can be removed depending on the temperature in my apartment or my level of activity, and I think it is much cuter than some pyjama pants that make a girl look like she is wearing a saggy diaper.

I have two sets of tracksuits so I always have one on standby while the other is in the laundry.

The problem, I’m starting to figure out, is that these tracksuits are simply too comfortable.

Anecdote: I went out to dinner last night with a lovely group of people.  We ordered calamari and a pizza for the table to share, which I definitely ate my share of, followed by macaroni and cheese for me, which I actually ate all of, plus two beers, followed by pantsanother beer at another venue.  I was stuffed.  I was so full I was feeling lethargic and a little addled in the head.

When I got home a little later, I immediately put on my tracksuit, and the first thought I had was maybe I should have some dessert? Then I realized what I had just thought and felt horrified, but still a little… hungry ?

I’m happy to say that I talked myself out of dessert, though I did eat a handful of M&Ms.  I’m mostly alarmed that my sense of fullness seems to depend upon the level of comfort of my pants.  Am I just not paying enough attention to my stomach? Or have I eaten so much lately that I’m going to always feel hungry, or what I think is hungry but is actually just the feeling of a normal eating schedule?  These are things I wonder about.  Either way, the tracksuit bottoms need to be used sparingly or else I won’t be able to fit into any of my other clothes, and I refuse to ever go outside in loungewear– I will not be that girl.