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heavy_downpour_banner…but it pours, is not only an appropriate cliche for my current situation, but a good way to describe Rhode Island weather. I’m going to now take this metaphor one step too far.  All summer I have been languishing in the desert of underemployment, thirsty for relevance in my field, and choking on the dust of money woes.

Then I got am email from my boss at my old job telling me that there may be shifts available to me in October. Then I had a couple interviews that I didn’t feel too good about.  I honestly do not know the feeling of a good interview anymore.  There have been times where I really thought it went well, then I didn’t get the job.  I just don’t know anymore.

I think back to all two of the job interviews I had in high school– I had no idea why they hired me. I just sat there like a lump until they offered me the job.  Then when I went to college, I lost out on a job painting houses because I didn’t come off as friendly enough.  A friend who did get this job told me that the boss told her I wasn’t hired because I didn’t smile when I shook his hand. “I don’t like to smile,” I reminded her.

“You have to smile.” she told me.

I understand the point of interviewing, I really do, but when it comes down to smiling just that right amount that they want–not too much–just enough, it seems impossible.  My other interviews for all five of the jobs I’ve had in Rhode Island where more of a “sit down and chat” which I’m amazing at, this most recent batch were more of a “ten prepared questions, each person takes one turn, then you’re in the hot seat” type, which are really hit or miss for me.  When you hire me, you’re going to get me.  I’m not going to go in and pretend I’m anything I’m not because I shouldn’t have to. I am good enough, actually.  Bonus, people think I’m funny.

Someone finally agreed with me and offered me a job, and in keeping with the way I operate, it was completely unexpected.  I got the phone call en route to Niagara Falls, accepted the position from a travel plaza parking lot on the NY state Thruway, then then two hours later got a call from my old job hinting at, but not directly stating that they wanted me back.

At least I got all of that “hanging out” out of my system over the summer, so now I’m seriously ready to work.  I’m just really starting to wonder if I will ever have just one job.  It doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me.  So if you total up all of the freelancing writing and editing, that counts as one job; then two more libraries (good thing this state has so many libraries because I will have worked in four now) I’m back up to three jobs.

Back to normal.