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When I was little, and growing up in the teeny tiny town of Hallock, MN, one of the most fun things to do was to drive to the big city of Grand Forks, ND.  That’s where the mall was, the movie theatres, and (I thought) the sophisticated people.  One year, for my birthday, my mother drove a vanful of squawky pre-teens to the mall, out to late lunch, and to a showing of Weekend at Bernie’s at the dollar theatre. Considering my friends and I were only about 11 years old, this was a rather risque choice for my mother, but paying $.99 apiece was clearly a lot more appealing than full-price for more family-friendly fare.

That’s the last time I saw Weekend at Bernie’s (that I can recall, although I’m sure I caught a late night showing on USA or TNT), and  I remember liking it quite a bit– laughing a lot, and respecting my mother afterward for choosing so well.

A while ago, Gentleman Caller and I got to talking about Weekend at Bernie’s both the first one, and the sequel.

“What happens in the sequel?” Gentleman Caller asked, “Is it the same dead guy?  How the hell does that work?”

How indeed.

So I decided that we should Netflix these movies, watch them, and then have the answers to these burning questions.  Yes, as Joe Roch pointed out, I could have gone to imdb and read a full synopsis, but that may have left me with questions, so I decided to be thorough.  To sweeten the deal, I suggested that we watch these movies at Gentleman Caller’s house where the heat is free and there is a blender.  We turned up the heat, put on Hawaiian shirt (for him), and sundress (for me), ordered Hawaiian pizza, and drank pina coladas.

Unfortunately, even drinking rum to excess doesn’t make these movies good, and I was left wondering why the hell I even though Weekend at Bernie’s was entertaining.  I didn’t expect it to be smart, but I expected to have a few mindless chuckles and enjoy myself– not so.  It was slow-paced, and Andrew McCarthy’s character was so annoying that I couldn’t enjoy it at all.  The second one, I’m not even going to talk about– it was beyond horrible.

So I’m a bit bummed about the fact that I couldn’t enjoy these movies at all, but I’m willing to try again– With Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too.  I just need to come up with a cocktail and overall theme that goes with teenage lycanthropy.