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There’s not much more to say besides that.  I thought I had this problem conquered, and then tonight, I went into a room I’d only ever gone in during daylight and… ending is obvious. 

The first time I had this problem, it was in one of the offices.  The walls are made of glass, hence no lightswitch.  The lightswitches themselves are also rather weird– the push-button kind that look like they could potentially control things other than lights. So I found the bank of switches (buttons) across the corridor, pushed all of them, plunged the mystery section into darkness, but did not light up the office.  Finally, I asked, and the woman I asked said, “I don’t know.  Did you try these?” Indicating the bank of switches I’d just used.  I said yes, she pushed them anyway (one at a time rather than slapping her palm across all four like I had done (perhaps that was a little hasty)), and the office lit up.

A few weeks later, I got into the elevator, and only realized that the light wasn’t on when the doors closed.  I managed to get the door open again by jabbing blindly, but once i had light (from the hallway), I couldn’t find the switch (again).  I pushed a button that looked a little like a lightbulb, but that made a chirping sound.  Then I heard people above me wondering out loud what that sound was, so I rode down to the basement in the dark, to figure out the switch issue in privacy.

Once I got to the basement, however, all the lights were off as well, so it was just me and the inky blackness–possibly bats as well.  I managed to feel along the wall, find the switch, and then, finally,  determine how to turn on the elevator light.  After that incident, I thought I’d turned on every light in the building, eliminating the potential for new problems.

Not so.

In the room I had only previously visited during daylight, after determining that I could not find the switch, I tried to shelve in the dark. That’s nearly impossible, and is more frustrating than admitting you have a problem.  So I asked where the lightswitch is.  In my defense, it’s by a door other than the one I used, and rather hidden.  As I walked the perimeter of the room, trying to figure it out for myself, all I could think was I am smart right?  I have degrees, and common sense why does this elude me?

This time I’m not going to assume that this will never happen to me again, instead I choose to assume that it will.  Because why wouldn’t it?