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brown-university_bannerI have lived in Providence for two years now, so I feel like I know the place pretty well.  I don’t know if it’s just that my neighborhood has changed, or what, but I feel like I’m living in a whole new city now.

Since I moved here for grad school, September was the time when things started to get hectic.  I had to remember my new schedule, coordinate jobs, commuting, how and when I could eat over the course of the day, and triangulate where the nearest Dunkin Donuts is along my travel route so I can get my mid-afternoon fix. I stopped paying attention to Providence because I was rarely here.

Also, my old neighborhood didn’t change much when school started.  The two colleges close to me, were still far enough away that none of the students actually lived in my neighborhood (though a lot of the pretty, private school kids frequented a dive bar just down the street from me that looked terrifying. One night a bunch of popped-collared my dad owns a dealership guys got into a small turf war with my friendly neighborhood thugs.  I watched out my window–it was fascinating).  The main difference was the appearance of a few school uniforms and the fact that the streets didn’t start teeming with kids until 2pm instead of all day.

Now that I’m over on The East Side, home of Brown and RISD, with nowhere to go, I can’t help but notice how scholarly everything is.  The douchebags, including Hermione Granger are back in town jaywalking and acting like they know about life.  Everyone else seems to be walking around with more purpose, and I’m finding myself invigorated as well.

It’s almost like those first few weeks of school when you promise yourself that this will be the semester when you finally knuckle down and use those notebooks you always buy, take good notes, do the reading, and become super student.  To go along with that theme, I will be sick of these damn kids and the traffic nightmares they cause in about two weeks–you can time me.

If I still don’t have a real job by the time it starts to get crisp and fall-like outside, my plan is to pass some time walking around purposefully in herringbone and knee-high boots.  Maybe I’ll get a coffee too, and act really impatient in line like I have somewhere else very important to be.