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My bank statement is a rather depressing read these days. The savings I worked 65+ hours per week to amass, are dwindling much faster than they grew; my interest rate has bottomed out, my electric bill was $20 higher this past month; and I don’t even want to think about how cold I’ll be this winter give the increase in natural gas prices.

With all of those hardships already in place, it’s a bit alarming to get a bank statement that has been brutally mangled by the USPS. Of course they apologized (see below), and I did what only a person who recently bought her first digital camera would do– I took many, many pictures, and posted them on the internet.

The yellow bits are post-its covering up information that is no one’s business.

Side view

It was ripped apart, but some considerate postal worker taped the end bit to the top of it, This is what it looks like if you flip that bit up.

Where it got caught in the mechanism, I assume.

The nice, waterproof envelope they assembled the pieces into along with the explanation of what went wrong and why I should be understanding. Click to enlarge.