I have now moved into a lovely new apartment, with a hypervigilant landlady, in a fancyish neighborhood–at least it’s fancy adjacent.  All is right with the world… except.

I’ve mentioned before that for some reason people kept dumping things on the sidewalk of my old apartment. Mattresses, couches, shelves– all manner of random hodgepodge came to my sidewalk to die, and I still don’t understand why.  Since moving and reassessing, I’ve wondered what I might do with some of these larger items should I decide I don’t need them.  I’ve decided that I will simply take them back to my old sidewalk and dump them there– since everyone else is doing it.  Maybe all the former tenants of that building get rid of a lot of furniture, and are too cheap to have it hauled away properly.

This is all speculation.

Right before I left, it got particularly bad.  Without fail, I would wake up Tuesday or Wednesday and find something on the sidewalk.  Usually it was a couch or loveseat– my favorite was the two mattress/box spring pile that the neighborhood kids quickly discovered was fun to jump on.  All of their precious antics left the three items strewn across the end of my driveway so I had to do the awkward push with foot/try not to touch because who knows how dirty these mattresses are maneuver.  I’m not that much of a germaphobe usually, but people have sex on mattresses.

I started taking pictures each week because I almost couldn’t believe it myself.

misc2 110

Couch #1 appears to be in good shape, but there’s a major tear in the seat cover.misc2 111Couch #2 was made of some kind of pleather.

misc2 112Couch #2 had friends visit.  These were not the mattresses the kids jumped on and scattered, I wasn’t taking pictures at that point, these are different ones.

After this, I misplaced my camera in all the packing hullabaloo.  Now I have found it again, and taken this picture:

misc2This is the view from my office in my new apartment.  I’m starting to feel like it wasn’t the curb at all, but was me the whole time.