I have another cold.  I just had a debilitating cold that knocked me on my ass for a week, then I got over that, then Jewish Friend came over to study with me for our comprehensive exam.  She walked in the door, sniffled, and said “I took an Alavert two hours ago, but it hasn’t helped at all.  I think it’s a cold.”  By the end of our study session, my throat was scratchy, and now I’m a dizzy mucasy mess who spend the past two days either in my chair or on the couch feeling sorry for myself.

I forced myself to go to work this morning, mostly because I’m sick of being trapped in my house, and I think the distraction will help me.  I’ve missed a lot of work this year because I keep having colds, and my boss doesn’t have health insurance, so he demands that I come nowhere near him when I’m under the weather.  This makes me feel like I’m not pulling my weight, and makes the whole “I’m sick all the time and am useless” feeling that much worse.

So I went to work and conferred with my boss about the tasks of the day while he looked increasingly uncomfortable with my pile of kleenex and my near constant coughing.

“Did you ever think that maybe you’re just one of those people who can’t live in Rhode Island?” he asked me.

I gave him a curious look and he proceeded to tell me that with the damp weather and old houses, Rhode Island is one of the moldiest states there is.  People are constantly breathing in black mold spores, and most get used to it, but some never will.

“What’s your house like?” he demanded.

“Old.” I admitted.

“And you have to go to South County how often?”

“Not very.”

That answer disappointed him, but the fact that I had ever spent a significant amount of time in South County (a hotbed of mold activity!), was reason enough to believe I was doomed.

So what now?  I move out to the desert and take up residence in a lime green adobe hut where my lungs can dry out along with my hair and skin?  I like Rhode Island– I have a lovely little life here, and I don’t think instances of mold in South County should be reason enough to flee.  Still I do feel like I’m sick far more than I should be and when I am sick, I’m far more debilitated than other people.  What I should have been doing all along was keeping track of how often I get sick so I can actually see if I’ve been sicker in Rhode Island.

I haven’t been doing that, so that’s moot.  I guess I’ll just have to take more vacations.