I’ve started taking online surveys.  One of the frugality blogs that I read recommended them and I decided to dive in for reasons that are threefold.

  1. I like giving my opinions about things, especially things I hadn’t previously thought about.  This makes me feel introspective, in a way.  The other day I was asked to watch a commercial for Visa.  I watched it once, then it made me watch it again.  By the second time I was a little bored, but wanted to do right by the survey.  After that, it asked me a series of questions about what I had seen, and I felt like a right dumbass when I realized that I hadn’t really paid attention and was very uncertain about a commercial I had just watched twice.  As a result, I’m trying to be more aware of stuff, which is probably always a good idea.
  2. Every time I complete a survey, I get entered into a contest to win money.  I will never actually win the money, but it certainly doesn’t cost anything except the time I would be otherwise spending farting around on the internet waiting for someone else to make a move in one of twelve facebook scrabble games I have going.
  3. Doing surveys allows me to spend more time on the internet and less time doing homework.  There’s a lot of downtime after I’ve finished reading my daily blogs and waiting for some people to make their moves in facebook scrabble, and I certainly don’t want to get bogged down in doing homework.  Also, reading for pleasure or watching tv are too obvious in the slacking, while as long as I have URI’s reference databases open and a blank word doc, I can convince myself that I’m going to make the two of them meet– sometime.

The problem with these surveys, is that I just don’t seem to fit the profile for a lot of them.  Today, I started taking one about my shoe-shopping habits and it kicked me out when I said that buying shoes doesn’t make me feel guilty.  I got booted out of another because I don’t plan to buy a car in the next year, and because I’m not Hispanic.  Also, the fact that I don’t suffer from hemorrhoids or have a hyperactive 7-year-old are a drawback for the first time ever.  The weirdest thing so far was a quiz that I took this afternoon about casinos.

Frankly, it’s weird to me that there is a survey about my casinoing habits, but that’s not really up to me.  I don’t much care for gambling– it’s just not my thing.  I don’t like spending money, and if I do spend money, I want to get something in exchange for it.  I do however enjoy races and bingo.  Therefore, I’ve been to Foxwoods to play bingo, and Twin River to the dogtrack.

I told the survey this, and it asked me if I was aware of any of the other casinos on a list of those in my area.  One of them was Mohegan Sun, which I’ve heard of, but never gone to.  Then it proceeded to ask me about twelve questions about Mohegan Sun followed by about five questions about what I do at Foxwoods other than play bingo.  When I tried to select bingo again, it got angry at me.

So I don’t gamble enough, and would would be neither more nor less inclined to visit Mohegan Sun knowing that they just underwent a huge renovation and now have a state of the art something or other.

I think I’m going to have to stick to surveys about buying groceries.