I don’t know if it’s just the documentary I recently watched on Tupperware, or my obsession with Nancy Drew books and pencil skirts, but my impending unemployment has me longing for a 50’s housewife existence that I never sought out before.  I want to contribute to my household by earning money here and there, saving tremendously with coupons and savings schemes, and taking care of myself physically and mentally through working out and learning stuff.  With all those demands, I’m not sure I’ll have time for a real job.

Perhaps this is just me making the best of the bad situation that is seeking employment in the non-profit sector during a recession, or me being overwhelmed by school/work/internship/commuting, but I long to spend time at home with my cat preparing delicious home-cooked meals and listening to the radio.  After I eat the delicious home-cooked meal, I’ll wash the dishes and do some light clean-up, then relax in my chair with a novel and a glass of red wine.

I imagine this delightful existence will last about one week before I’m bored out of my mind, binge-eating almonds and cheez-its, and wondering how the hell I’m going to pay rent–but it’s a nice little dream.