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Despite the fact that I’ve fallen completely off the wagon (and been told not to get back on it by a number of people), I actually did okay this week.  Perhaps it only seems that I did okay because I felt really bad about my performance last week, and less bad about this one since my goal is already shot to hell.  Whatever, I’m over it.

Tuesday: Went to Spike’s Junkyard Dogs- brought own water, so spent $3 on veggie dog, then went to movie (bargain Tuesday!) $6, split snacks with three other lovely ladies– $4.  Total: $13

Wednesday: Went to Union Station Pub Quiz, but instead of buying one drink, I bought one pitcher– and one for Gentleman Caller (plus truffle fries). Total: $35

After that– I only bought gas and spent money on bills, which is just not as sexy as truffle fries.  So yes, I’m failing spectacularly, but still reining in my spending quite a bit.  By the end of last month, for instance, I had spent approximately $171 eating out.  This month– $38 on food+ $47 on beer =$85.  Those number still seem way too high to me making me think that all of the friends who want to me to go out with them need to start keeping track too… hint hint.

Also, my big plan to celebrate the end of No-Buy Month by buying things guilt-free, has kind of been foiled.

I like to overpay my store credit cards, for two reasons:

1. If I have a set dollar amount in my head when I go into the store, it helps me put things in perspective.

2. If I have a credit balance before buying something, it’s like I’ve already paid for it. It’s clearly much more fun than bringing home that new classy skirt and then wondering where the money is going to come from.

So what I did, was I overpaid both my Old Navy and Banana Republic cards last time I had a balance for use just in time for the new spring clothes, or deeply discounted winter clothes.  I also have coupons for both stores that I haven’t used.  I was going to celebrate a successful No-Buy month by indulging in what would actually be guilt-free shopping.

The credit card companies mailed me paper checks for the amount overpaid. Since I still use my bank in Fargo, I then had to pay postage to mail them there, and I now have a zero balance on both cards and have subsequently spent the overage on a rather exorbitant heating bill.

That is probably exactly what I deserve.