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…The week in which I fail.  I’ve broken my no-buy month three times in the past week.

Wednesday: I forgot to bring food with me to work, and after work, immediately had to go to class.  Not buying something would have meant that I wouldn’t eat that day until about 7:30pm.  I went to DunkinDonuts and got a bagel and iced coffee.

Friday: Jewish Friend and I had to deal with Olneyville traffic at rush hour after both of us had stressful weeks– me with new job on top of feeling unwell, her with roommate bullshit.  We went and got margaritas.

Saturday: Gentleman Caller and I went to Target. I knew that would be a problem because I really, really love Target.  I actually did quite well, only bought groceries, except for a pair of shoes.

So there it is; it only took me 1.5 weeks to fail at my goal.  Wise Lawyer Friend is still succedding handily at her no-buy month, but as she out it “My life is better equipped to not spend money since I rarely go out.”

Naturally, I’m going to try to get back on task, but I just can’t be so restrictive.  I think from now on, I’m going to allot myself a certain amount of “fun money” for each month, and when that’s gone, that’s gone.  If I hadn’t gotten a new job this week, I’d feel really bad, but technically, I’m still living within my (new) means, which is the real goal.