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I am genuinely terrified that I will not be able to find a job after I graduate.  Most of the libraries around here are in a hiring freeze, and judging from the size of my Research and Evaluation class (one of the last classes you are required to take, but cannot take without having earned a certain number of credits), a whole slew of people are graduating in May as well.  However, I always try to look to the positive, and I have to say that despite the climate of fear that surrounds me on a daily basis, I have managed to find a few lovely things to focus on.

  • It seems everyone in the world is now concerned with budgeting, whereas before, I felt like I was all alone.  I’m getting more and more tips for saving money from all sources, and feel like asking for discounts and negotiating will no longer make me look like a cheapskate, but regular.
  • Since gas prices hit $4/gallon, there have been far fewer people driving by my house with their bass thumping at a window-shattering decibel level.  I realize that gas has gone back down, but these people either no longer have cars, or have found other hobbies– either way, it’s much more pleasant in my house.
  • I went to the mall a couple weeks ago, and man were there deals!  Everything was at least 50% off, most of it 75%  I didn’t really need much, but got decent stuff for not a lot of money
  • I also feel like the desperation and fear in the air will make service employees much more pleasant and willing to actually help me, the customer, as they will want to keep their jobs.
  • I feel like by patronizing businesses I’m being patriotic and doing my part to help Obama’s new AMERICA, and that gives me warm fuzzies, which I love

All that said, I’m still not buying anything for the month of February, so I’m going to have to get these good feeling from somewhere else.  I remember, growing up, my mother would occasionally make outrageous statements like “we used to have hours of fun with just a cardboard box.” This caused my brother and I to mock her mercilessly and call her boring, but maybe she was on to something.