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I got my crown put on on Tuesday, or as I like to phrase it, “I now have a $1300 toilet in my mouth.”  Honestly, it’s a lovely little bit of porcelain, and matches my other teeth beautifully.  The dentist was exclaiming as he snapped and shoved it into place, “This is just wonderful! Sometimes things just work out!”

Of course, now that my nine fillings, one root canal, and one crown are all taken care of, I can start going to the dentist once a year like normal people.  I’m excited about this, but it was a bit of an emotional goodbye on Tuesday.  The dental hygienist and I get along famously, and she told me that I’m one of her favorite patients.  This is a girl who I’m guessing says this to a lot of people, but honestly, I may just miss her as well.

“I just get so excited when I see your name in the schedule book!” she told me.

Regardless of the level of sincerity in that statement, it’s still very nice to hear.

“I was thinking about you when I was in Toronto,” I told her, “There were Ugg boots everywhere, and it would have made you so angry!”  This is completely true, I almost took pictures for her as this is what bonded us together.

The bond between this hygienist and I is not so strong that we will become bestest besties, or even seek each others company outside of the dentist’s office, but it’s still a little bit like high school graduation, or the last day of camp in it’s “end of an era” feeling.  This makes little sense because even though high school sucked, it never costs me as much money as this dental adventure; and even though I had to go to Lutheran bible camp while an atheist, it was still not as uncomfortable as getting your tooth drilled down to nothing while the worst sound/smell in the world fills your head.

What will I do with my Wednesdays now?  Will I just go back to life as usual except flossing a bit more frequently?

I’ve been tonguing the new, fake tooth in my mouth so frequently I’ve given myself a headache, but I’m beginning to get used to it.  It’s time to move on.