The Quest

Steeple Street is on my way– walking or driving– to the East Side, and since I’ve lived here I’ve walked or driven by it hundreds of times, sometimes stopped and read the menu, and thought I should go there. I never had though, and I think it’s because people kept trying to convince me that it’s really expensive.

Admittedly, it is somewhat expensive, more so than the places I usually go; but not break-the-bank only once-in-a-lifetime expensive like Jewish Friend tried to convince me.  I would point out to her that I spent the same amount of money at Steeple Street that I spent the last two times we went to the damn Melting Pot– and no one called me a lesbian even though my date for the evening was a lovely lady.

This was also the first time I’ve gone out for Macaroni & Cheese without Jewish Friend– a landmark occasion all around.  I met Sassy Redhead, Joe Roch, and Joe’s Beloved for an early dinner so Sassy Redhead cold go to a late movie with her Auntie.  Honestly, there’s really not much I can say about the whole experience– it was kind of perfect.  The food was excellent– we shared calamari and pizza, and I ordered mac & cheese (of course).  The service was very good– prompt refills of the water, attentive without being annoying, our server was happy to politely interrupt our chattering to tell us the specials, rather than waiting awkwardly for us to stop talking, and he encouraged us to hang out and digest rather than hustling us out the door so he could seat a new party.

Decor/Atmosphere:  9.5 Cozy, dimly lit, kind of like eating at Grandma’s house if your grandparents made a lot of money in steel.  It looks kind of like the house in Royal Tenenbaums without the pink.  My seat was close to the hallway by the door, so I got a few drafts on my back, but really not that bad. I dig it.

Service: 10 Perfect.  I have no complaints at all.  Once told by Joe that I’m a bit of a connoisseur of mac & cheese, the server made a point to ask me if it was up to my standards, and seemed genuinely happy when I said that it was.  He handled Sassy Redhead’s vegetarian concerns gracefully, and seemed happy without being fake.

Food: 9 This mac & cheese had the unusual quality of being both delicious and also very light– I have no idea how you do that with a cheese-covered pasta, but I am impressed.  The pasta they use is big shells, which are fun to eat, but not annoying like the little shells, which just go all over the place when you eat with gusto like I do.  The menu says 4 cheese, and also au gratin, which confuses me a bit, and I cannot tell you what the four cheese are, but no matter, it was good.

Total: 28.5