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Dear State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations:

Clearly you are not a state to do things by half measures.  It has been snowing now for 48 hours, and is showing no signs of stopping.  I am sorry that I ever doubted you. Though I am a bit stir crazy, I am still content.  As I pointed out to Gentleman Caller, snow days such as these really allow all of my food-hoarding and desire for sustainability to shine.  We are well fed, though finally out of pierogies, well entertained, well-rested, and well lubricated by alcohol.  Wee Watson (kitty), has been sleeping soundly on my Slanket, and though snow days are no different from his daily routine, I think he enjoys having me around.

We left the house for the first time, and ventured into the driveway to shovel and marvel at the wonder of nature.  I got to wear my water boots (which I always forget to do when it’s raining), and though they are not snow boots and my feet did get cold, they provided resistance against the wet, and a lot of traction.


I get bored by shoveling and decided to take pictures instead.


Winter wonderland.


Snow-covered boughs.


Snow-covered cars.


Also, now that the snow has turned to a rain/snow mix, I was able to make a delightful snowman named Orville.



What I like best about you, Rhode Island, is the fact that when snow days like this happen, the Governor discourages me from traveling unless absolutely necessary, which makes this house-bound sloth seem like I’m just doing my part.  I like that you have the highest unemployment rate in the nation, which means that I have very little reason to leave the house since I have five days off a week. I like that you waited to give me a snow day until after I finished up all my schoolwork for the semester so I can bask in guilt-free slacking; and I like that the shoveling I did was a full-body workout meaning I don’t have to feel guilty about two days of constant eating paired with very little movement.

Thank you, Rhode Island, you have made me very happy.