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The Brotherhood have now completely taken over my morning walk to work.  They are camped out by the State House, and currently filming across the street from my office building.  There’s a delightful spread at the craft service table that I kind of want to get my hands on, but I’m not quite sure how to make that happen.  Although when I mentioned this to Jewish Friend, she was quick to point out, “I’ve taken food from The Brotherhood before, you just grab some and walk away.  Why can’t I have some food if they’re taking up my entire street? It’s the least they can do.”

So this is now becoming commonplace, but it’s still a little fun (when I’m not trying to find parking).  I was talking to my brother on the phone the other night, and he mentioned that he too has been dealing with film crews lately.  Apparently the Coen brothers are filming a new movie across the street from where he lives in Minneapolis.

“At first I was really confused about what was going on, but then I remembered that we had gotten something in the mail saying that they would be showing up.” he said.

“So, did you see Frances McDormand anywhere?  Did you go snooping around?”

“Yeah, I shaved, put on some nice clothes, and then walked around the block a few times to let them know that if they need an ‘average guy’ I can make myself available.”

I’ve never really harbored dreams of Hollywood success, mostly because I don’t photograph well and am fairly certain I’m not a good actress– but I’ve always longed to be “discovered”.  I imagine scenarios where I’m just walking around nonchalantly and someone runs up to me– “you’re exactly what we need!”  If that actually did happen, I would probably be very alarmed and get away from them as quickly as possible, but it’s been a dream for so long that it’s burned into my brain.

Also I’d like to be friends with famous people.  I imagine that this can be accomplished by me walking down the street in front of Ethan Embry or Jason Isaacs, them seeing me and thinking: she looks like a rad chick, I’d like to be friends with her.

So, like my brother, I wandered over to where the Brotherhood were all set up under the guise that I was getting an iced coffee.  I didn’t see anything particularly interesting, and I didn’t see anyone even moderately famous, but it was a little exciting anyway.  I’m sure that feeling won’t last.