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The design scheme in my apartment is sort of “found objects/ whatever was free at the time.”  This has resulted in me decorating with a lot of things I found in the basement: among them empty window frames, empty picture frames, and windows that are clearly no longer functioning as windows.  I’m pleased with the way it’s all come together, but have expressed for quite a while how nice it would be to have a door no longer functioning as a door to use as part of my decor.

The problem with doors is not the fact that they’re hard to come by– in fact, there are dozens just lying on curbs around Providence (for some reason), and every time I see one I exclaim to Jewish Friend (who always happens to be with me when I see these doors), “Jewish Friend!  Can we strap that to the roof of your car?”  She always says no, and I remain doorless.

Today, I woke up to the sounds of more workmen tearing apart the abandoned house.  Three of them have been showing up daily to cut down trees, and do god knows what to the interior of the house.  They park three giant vehicles in the driveway, but are usually quite gracious about moving them when I demand it.  I don’t mind these guys so much because they haven’t placed a giant dumpster in the driveway, and some of the tree pruning they’ve done has really made it easier to see the street when I’m backing out.

I walked to work this morning, so their being there was a non-issue.  I had a fairly easy day of work, and for lunch, took myself for a walk around downtown and to my favorite used book store to pick up some more vintage Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.  I bought an iced coffee, spoke on the phone to Jewish Friend who’s been out of town for a couple days, and solidified plans to go to a movie tonight for free. On the walk home, I got whistled at by a man leaving the coin-op laundry, and then he promptly backed into a pole, which made me chuckle.

All of this was very nice, but made all the better by the fact that when I got home, I found the abandoned yard, the one that has caused me so many headaches, piled high with doors!  There are eight, to be exact.  It’s a shopping bonanza.  Naturally, I picked out the best one, and dragged it into my apartment– rather difficult to get a door through a doorway– but I pulled it off.

In all of my eagerness to acquire a door, I neglected to think about what I would do if I actually had one, but I’m not even worried about that.  I could even go back out there, grab a couple more, and make some kind of room divider– possibilities are endless with a yard full of doors.