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Wise Lawyer Friend asked me a while ago how my new job was going, “What do you do there?  What did you do today?”

I thought for a moment, and replied, “Well, this morning we talked for about an hour about the class that he’s teaching, he read me his first lecture and asked my opinion; we talked about Sarah Bernhardt and the history of theatre in France.  Then we had lunch.  After lunch I worked on this website for a while, and then we talked about opera– specifically Tosca, and the production of Swan Lake that we both saw at the VMA and had a little dispute as to whether or not they changed the ending from one night to the other.”

She paused for a moment, “Are you kidding?”

So, aside from the fact that my boss is a gay gentleman in his 50s, a Libertarian, and a poet– we are pretty much the same person.  Every day that I get to work, we spend at least the first 45 minutes talking about something that has nothing to do with the task at hand– today it was Alexandre Dumas, a brief chat about the America Birth Control Movement, and Medea.  Then we went to lunch, attended a meeting, and chatted at length about Frankenstein.  We both have masters of English, experience in publishing, an extreme distaste for organized religion.  I haven’t really ever had an office job, but I’m sure that this is not standard.

It’s actually somewhat similar to my relationship with the appraiser that I used to work with, only now my lessons fall under the category of Women’s Studies, Humanities, and Literature rather than economics, and I’m learning stuff that other suckers are actually paying for.  My job rules so hard, but it’s going to be a little sad when I finally get my own office.