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I don’t really take the bus, I always mean to but work/work/school scheduling prevents it and I instead become that asshole who says things like “I really wish I could take the bus but my schedule is just so hectic.”

A busy person is never too busy to tell you how busy they are.

Also, I’m a bit afraid to take the bus. I have a huge fear of being stranded miles away from my home and having to walk along the side of the interstate 40+ miles wearing heels in the pouring rain with wolves and other beasties watching my every move because I lack cab fare and my cell phone battery is dead so I can’t inconvenience a friend.  I tried to bury this fear in my initial attempts to become “the girl who takes the bus”, I stuffed my purse with schedules, and read them like they were novels feeling green, public transit savvy, and inordinately proud of myself.

The first time I took the bus in Providence, I had to wait 35 minutes in the blazing sun because the bus was running late; the second time, I got to the bus stop five minutes early and the bus had already left– I started driving myself after that.

Recently, this bit of news came out:

“PROVIDENCE — The state transit authority yesterday spelled out the service cutbacks it is considering, saying it would eliminate a fifth of its service, affecting dozens of bus lines across the state and dropping service to four towns entirely.”

Naturally, as someone who wants to take the bus, I was outraged, especially when I saw that the one bus I might actually take was on the list to be cut.  Later they amended it saying: “Rte. 66 URI/Galilee, all supplemental Summer Beach Bus service”, so I guess that’s ok.

After all this came to light, I had many, many heated discussions with co-workers, and friends where I fiercely advocated for the poor and the carless and almost convinced myself that I will, at some point, take the bus.  Then I started noticing the signs:

So I found that amusing, and Jewish Friend and I had a good chuckle.  Then, like always happens the first time you notice something, I started to see these signs everywhere.

So, I have to ask, with all of the money saved on cutting bus lines is RIPTA just going to turn around and put up 11,000 more signs?  With the exception of the first one, these are quite well made– sturdy, reflective– can’t be cheap.  Also, the first two signs pictured here are on the same street about one block away from each other, and the second is in view of a still-used bus stop– like 10 yards away from it.

Rhode Island, you are just not good with money.