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My Jewish Friend loves animals. She is unapologetic in her devotion to her cat, she eagerly seeks out the company of animals on the street, and on more than one occasion she has shown me pictures of cute animals that she looks at during class, or if we’re not in class– she emails me links. Then I have to say, “you can’t raise that shrew/puppy/rooster/wombat/chinchilla/aardvark, your cat would eat it.” It’s vaguely reminiscent of my friend Dan who used to (and may still), begin sentences with “I met an interesting dog yesterday.”

There are also times, when Jewish Friend and I can’t come up with a fun free adventure, so we wind up at the Providence Animal Rescue League where we play with kitties and puppies, and she tries to convince me to take one home saying things like “I’ll pay half, but you have to let me play with it for the rest of the day.”

I’ve successfully resisted thus far, though I was completely taken in by a precious little kitten named Orville– man he was cute.

It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon, but also exhausting because there are adorable kittens named Orville that I can’t take home, sweet older cats who really only need a new sofa to crash on until they die in two years, and yowling Siamese with odd-shaped heads that make you wonder if they’ll ever get adopted.

There was one cat too, that looked just like mine. He was huddled back in the corner of his cage and looked scared and sad. I saw that he had been in the shelter for a long time and decided to throw some affection his way.

He swatted at me and then hissed for emphasis. That’s when I noticed the for sale sign just above his cage proclaiming that he had been marked down from $75 to just $25! That’s a pretty big markdown. That’s a pretty rude cat.

Now Jewish Friend has a new roommate who brought with her the meanest cat in the world. The mean cat also likes to stake out the doorway of Jewish Friend’s bedroom, and swipe at her if she ever tries to enter her own space. The feelings of confusion and disappointment that Jewish Friend feels seem to have gotten her down quite a bit, and I’m sure there will be a phone call soon “Let’s go to the Animal Rescue league and see some nice cats.”