When I was a freshman in college, I lived in the same dorm as this chick that my other friends insisted was cool, but who I knew was crazy from the first time I spoke to her.  She was very small, and very tense, and was majoring in pharmacy not because of a love for medicating people (or whatever kind of love inspires a person to work in that field), but because they make a lot of money.  I usually feel sorry for pharmacists because they seem so bored counting out pills and yelling into senior citizen’s ear-cones trying to make themselves understood as they describe what it means to take a pill “with food”.

The TV show Felicity also started my freshman year of college on the new WB channel.  The WB was not part of the cable package in Moorhead, MN, so I really didn’t know anything about this phenomenon until tense girl started blathering one day about how her mother was going to tape the show for her and mail it to her– “We can all get together and watch it.” she assured us.

I shrugged, and said I’d never heard of it, which caused her to go on a lengthy tirade about why this show was amazing.  The premise: a girl from California who is planning to go to Stanford suddenly changes her plans and goes to NYU because a boy she’s had a crush on (who is rather strange looking) is nice to her at graduation.  Apparently this is supposed to convince me that this show is worth making ones mother tape and mail episodes.

Another theme on the show is that Felicity sends audio tapes to her former French tutor.  Instead of writing letters, she dictates some of the most awkward and embarassing bits of her life into a pocket tape recorder and then sends them off.  This is an obvious plot device to embarass Felicity horribly– but they wait until episode three, when she awkwardly talks about imagining losing her virginity to a guy who could care less about her, to use it.

I got the replay of the episode from the tense girl who re-told it with big eyes and seemed to feel the same kind of humiliation and agony that Felicity did as the tape was played to 25 people at a rather lame dorm party. 

So, for whatever reason, I got Season One of this stupid show from the library.  I like to try to understand what makes people love certain things as much as they do– as much as this girl liked this show.  The whole premise, as far as I can tell, is that Felicity is a pretty, intelligent, but sheltered, socially retarded, and rather crazy girl who romps around NYU overthinking things.  It’s awful, simply awful, and I think the people who watched it were girls who want to be Keri Russell and guys who want to sleep with Keri Russell.

Eventually the show was canceled after Felicity got a bad haircut, but I quit watching after episode three.  I need to stop wasting my time like this.