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A while ago, at job number 2, a nicely-dressed, middle-aged man, and his son came into the children’s room. A co-worker immediately said “Hello, Mayor.”

I assumed the kids name was Mayer, but it seems that the middle-aged man is in fact the Mayor of the town where this particular library is, and my co-worker addresses him by the office, rather than his name, which I find a little odd, but have since gotten over.

So while co-worker was helping the Mayor’s son find a book, the Mayor sought me out and proceeded to tell me how hard it is to be Mayor. “I bet it’s much harder than being a librarian,” he said, “I bet you have no idea.”

“I’m sure it depends on the day.” I told him, and tried to run away.

He followed me. “No, it’s really hard.” heavy sigh, “I can’t even explain how hard it is to be Mayor.”

“Well, I don’t plan on finding out.”

He sighed again, heavily, “No, I wouldn’t recommend it.” Then he collected his kid, and left.

So I’m left wondering, was this some kind of strategy? Is it the “feel sorry for me and vote for me cause I work so hard for you” approach? He doesn’t know that I can’t vote for him, why would it ever be a good idea to come into the library, complain about his job for which he was chosen (potentially by me), and insult my work as well?

Perhaps I just don’t understand politics. Perhaps he’s not running for re-election.