I have my commute completely sorted out. In the morning, I listen to NPR, specifically BBC World News. I arrive at work a bit depressed, but nevertheless proud of myself for knowing things. This knowledge came into play pretty early on when I was able to rant in a very informed manner about how bullshit it is that all of our tech support is outsourced to India, and when one of the undersea cables that connects us to India was severed recently, it certainly didn’t inconvenience anyone except the consumer. Not Fair!

I’ve also become more paranoid about the state of the economy, in particular, the rising cost of food.

In the afternoon, I listen to recorded lectures. Currently, A History of the English Language, next “Waking Dragon: The emerging Chinese economy and its impact on the world”– to feed my paranoia, or at least inform it.

I’ve also started hoarding food not unlike (I imagine) a family during the depression. I eagerly scan the weekly grocery store circular for deals on non-perishables, and stock up. I just did a quick inventory: I have 58 bags and boxes of rice and pasta, 25 cans of soup, 12 cans of tuna, and a giant vat of plain white rice that I actually brought with me from North Dakota.

For whatever reason, when Pasta-Roni, Rice-a-Roni, or soup is on sale 10 for $10, I don’t allow myself to buy more than ten, but when it goes back on sale, I can’t wait to buy more. Right now, for example, I’m itching to get back to Stop’N’Shop to grab another ten boxes, even though I’m running out of room for it.

For the past week, I’ve been subsisting on cheese that I got for free from job #1. The Chairman from the National Endowment for the Arts was in last week, reading poetry. His presence necessitated a glorious spread of crudités, which resulted in a lot of leftovers, which I have been taking home in sandwich bags every time I work. I should be able to clean out the fridge this week, since I think my co-workers are losing interest.

Maybe I’ll get scurvy living this way, or maybe I’ll be completely set with the recession truly manifests. Time will tell. I should probably buy some vitamins.