About once a month, I take my tips from coffee shop job and bring them to the bank. This is a very exciting time for me because I bring them in stuffed in a container, uncounted, and it’s a guessing game for me as to how much is in there. This is my highly lame version of gambling.

This Tuesday I stopped by the bank with my cache of cash. I wasn’t expecting a particularly large amount of money, as I had been on vacation, but it was exciting nonetheless. I walked up to the cute old lady teller who greeted me familiarly. I passed my collection of money across the counter to her and said “I’d like to put this into savings.”

She dumped it out on the counter and I thrilled to see a couple 20s and 10s in the pile. Then she sighed and looked up at me, “You really should count this before you bring it in. Now we’ll have to count it twice.” I was shocked. I had been scolded by the cute old lady teller. Also, counting the money beforehand ruins my game; it sucks the fun right out of it. She sighed again, “Do you at least know your account number?” I did, and I told it to her, which seemed to get me back into her good graces slightly.

When she took the change over to the change counting machine, I straightened the bills, counted them, and put the ones into a pile of 25. Even when I told her how much was there, she counted it twice anyway.

Not too long ago, I went into a different branch of the bank and the girl working told me I had to fill out my own deposit slip because “I just really hate doing it.” I don’t like doing it either, and aren’t I (customer) supposed to always be right? Am I so spoiled in my thinking that bank tellers should fill out deposit slips and count money? Isn’t that what bank tellers do? This is a legitimate question because neither of these times was the line of people long; there were plenty of other tellers standing around looking like they wanted someone to bring in a pile of ones for them to count or deposit slips for them to write. Are the tellers at my bank just lazy, or is something else going on?